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    Will Dickerson
  • How many years have you been singing?Since i was 5
    Favorite Singer:Lee Greenwood
    Favorite Group:Kingdom Heirs  
  • Favorite song to sing:The Unseen Hand and Beyond The Gates
    Favorite Scripture:8TH Psalm
    Favorite Preacher:DR. Robbie Galliaty
    Favorite Restaurant: J Alexander’s
    Favorite Movie: Gladiator
    Favorite TV Show: Football
    Favorite Vacation Spot:Orange Beach
    Favorite Food:Prime Rib
    Favorite Sports Team:Georgia BullDawgs
    Person You Most Admire:SP4 John T.Southern DECEASED Vietnam Veteran ,Helicopter Crew Chief 114th
                                                               One Thing People Don’t Know About Me:CEO/Chairman TRI-State Gospel Music Hall of Fame.
  • Inducted In the Chattanooga sports hall of fame 2013. Flew Door Gunner on  a Huey Helicopter in Vietnam 1966-67
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    Brandon Crowe
    How many years have you been singing? Singing solo music 16 yearsand with the group for 3 years.
    Favorite Singer: Daniel Riley
    Favorite Group: Gold City Quartet
    Favorite song to sing: Healed
    Favorite Scripture: Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
    Favorite Preacher: Bro. David Sampson
    Favorite Restaurant: Chop House
    Favorite Movie: Rocky IV
    Favorite TV show:  Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the kids!
    Favorite vacation spot: Destin, FL
  • Favorite food: Prime Rib
  • Favorite sports team: Tennessee Vols!
            Person you most admire: Chris Crowe
    One thing people don’t know about me: I was saved on September 16, 1996 on a Sunday night. I was 11 years old and my dad led me to the Lord. I hope and pray that our ministry as Heritage Quartet can reach lost souls for the Lord and make a difference in the people that we minister to.
  •  image-1tim
    Tim Rodgers
    How many years have you been singing? All my life.
    Favorite Singer:Bill Rodgers
    Favorite Group:Gold City
    Favorite song to sing:He’s still on the throne
    Favorite Scripture:John 3:16
  • Favorite Preacher: Doug Tate
  • Favorite Restaurant: TGIF
    Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
    vorite TV show: Andy Griffith
    Favorite vacation spot: Destin,FL
    Favorite food: Hamburgers
    Favorite sports team: LSU
    Person you most admire: My wife
    One thing people don’t know about me: Love spending time fishing with my two daughters Sadie and Brentlea

David Dennis
How many years have you been singing? Most of my life.
Favorite Singer:  George Younce
Favorite Group:  Kingdom Heirs
Favorite song to sing:  Beulah Land
Favorite Scripture:
  Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
Favorite Preacher:  Dr. J. Harold Smith
Favorite Restaurant:  Chop House
Favorite Movie:  RV
Favorite TV show:  Andy Griffith
Favorite vacation spot: Destin,FL
Favorite food:  Steak
avorite sports team:  Tennessee Vols
Person you most admire:  Pat, my wife.
One thing people don’t know about me:  I was saved when I was 7 and never missed Sunday School for 10 straight years until I started working swing shifts.  I enjoy playing the bass fiddle and guitar with gospel bluegrass groups.  I also enjoy bass fishing in my spare time.